How To Become a Seller On Daraz Pk

How To Become a Seller On Daraz Pk

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Daraz comes to mind first when we think of internet buying in Pakistan.

If you are a business person or want to be, You can sell on Daraz rather than shop. !

Daraz is a marketplace where various stores and brands can sell their wares.

You may have a physical business in Pakistan and have considered expanding it.

You may have also heard that selling on Daraz is a fantastic opportunity for shops and brands.

Daraz’s Humqadam program provides a fantastic opportunity to sell online in Pakistan and get your business back on track by becoming a Daraz seller!

Daraz is the leading virtual marketplace in South Asia, with over 20 million products in over 100 categories available on its website and app. Daraz’s mission is to enable and empower thousands of businesses to connect with millions of customers in this cutting-edge technological age!

What is even better? For May and June, Daraz will charge these vendors 0% commission!

So, join Pakistan’s largest online shopping website and expand your business online to take advantage of this shift inconvenience.

Why Should You Become a Daraz Seller?

As the globe becomes more digitally reliant, internet enterprises are undeniably the way of the future for Pakistan!

With Daraz’s acquisition by Alibaba Group, the world’s e-commerce behemoth, you can now get a taste of what it’s like to work with the world’s premier online commerce technology and logistics, making it simple to grow your business from the comfort of your own home!

Are you a content creator or a digital influencer? With the Daraz Affiliate Program, you can learn affiliate marketing in Pakistan and earn money from your website!

Business Assistance:

Various small to mediumscale enterprises from across the country can set up shop on Daraz with dedicated one-on-one support and free business consultations available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Furthermore, merchants will get free access to analytics tools that will aid in the optimization of their digital endeavors.

Assistance with finances:

Daraz has programs that promote financial convenience by charging no commission. From May 1 to June 30, all commission payments will be free for all registered and new merchants! Additionally, you will receive free pick-up and storage, promotional credits, and subsidized packaging.

Onboarding and Education:

If you’re just getting started with your online business, Daraz University offers free training and online seller instruction through webinars and educational materials.

Sign-ups in a hurry:

Daraz offers rapid signups for all new sellers, allowing you to launch your new business and begin selling in less than two days!

Promotions for free marketing:

With free On App marketing, you may increase traffic to your Daraz online business. All of this comes at no cost to our Daraz vendors, allowing them to attract more customers to their Daraz stores!

Daraz promises that with its Humqadam project, thousands of SMEs will be able to advertise their businesses and get back on their feet by gaining access to millions of clients across the country and expanding their businesses through increasing e-commerce.

This systematic guide helps you to sell on Daraz and assists you in establishing a solid business.

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How To Become a Seller On Daraz Pk

Suitable Business on Daraz!

Before creating a seller account on the Daraz seller account, you must first understand what you can sell on the platform. In addition, where did you get it?

You can vend anything a customer purchases throughout the country.

You have the opportunity to sell:

1. Products in the Physical World
2. Digital services

That indicates that Daraz allows you to upload anything you want to deal with and sell it to Pakistani customers.

However, if there is something new on the market, request the support services center to assess what you intend to present. Because adding illegal products or any other types of products that will result in your store being blacklisted is not a good idea.

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What is the Process of a Daraz Seller?

Daraz Seller Center is a platform designed exclusively for Daraz Sellers that allows you to take orders and sell across Pakistan by registering your products and uploading them to Daraz’s online marketplace, where you will get paid for your purchase directly into your account.

Get yourself registered on Daraz

It is the beginning of launching a nationwide sales campaign in Pakistan. To become a seller, go to the seller corner and select “Become a seller”. It will take you to a new page with four alternatives for you to:

1. Daraz Mall Seller
2. International Businessman
3. Local Business Owner
4. Good Seller on the Internet

Daraz Mall Seller:

If your company is licensed or registered, you need to create a Daraz Mall Seller account.

Local/regional Seller:

Being a local seller is usually a smart idea if you do not have a licensed business.

A Global Seller account is required for those who have a well-settled business remotely and wish to expand their business in Pakistan.

Sellers of Digital Items:

If you are planning to sell digital goods, you are at the right place.

After you have decided on the best category for you, you will need the following information.

1. You must supply your mobile phone number because it will be used to communicate with you. Keep your phone handy because you will need to confirm your phone number during registration.
2. To show that you are human, you will be prompted to slide the arrows. This kind of testing aids in the prevention of spamming on websites. As a result, software and robots could not be used to automate registration.
3. Make your account secure with a strong password. Make sure that the information is private so that no one can steal or exploit your account.
4. Email: communication becomes easier because of email. Your email address is a convenient place to preserve the details of your transactions and sales. It is not dependent on your phone because you cannot retain all of your records on it.
5. Set a name of your choice for your shop, which you want to show on the site. Try to keep it as simple as possible so that everyone can remember and pronounce it easily. Because if a buddy is introduced to your store, he will have no trouble finding it.

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Product Additions to Your Online Store

The last step in the process of selling on Daraz is adding your products. After you’ve confirmed your contact number and email. It allows you to access your account with just one click.

After logging into your account, it will direct you to your dashboard. Here is where you can list your items to sell on your store.

The foremost choice is “items or services,” which you can get by clicking or hovering your cursor in the menu bar on the left Now add your products, which you may access by clicking on it.

1. Keep the names of your products distinct. So that people might readily recognize it. Here is where you should put the model number or any other vital information.
2. Which of the following categories does your product belong to? Make an informed decision. For instance, let’s say your product is a camera. For different cameras, there are several classifications. Is this camera for security, photography, or something else? Moreover, You’ll be advised on how to find the best category for your goods.

New options will show when you select the category. Let’s take a quick look at where you may enter all of the possible details about your products.

1. Do you have a video that people can watch to learn more about your products? That’s fantastic. Include the video’s URL. You can build a YouTube channel and upload your video there if you don’t have a URL, after that copy the link of that video and paste it into this box. Leave it blank if you don’t have any.
2. Is your product associated with the company or a brand? Quote the name of your brand if any; otherwise, select “No Brand.”
3. Basic Product Information: For each piece, the following information will be different. For instance, in the case of “Camera, “the choice
4. Highlights: In the same way that this section is in bullet form, include the most important features of your products in bullets. At the very least, include three highlights.
5. Product Description: Include as many details as possible about your stuff. You should also write your keywords frequently in the description to appear in search results.
6. Write the description of our items in English if the former one was not in English. Otherwise, you can also use the previous English description.
7. What is contained in the box? : Make a list of everything you’re going to put in the box. It will be stated in your package, and your buyer will confirm it.
8. You will include images of your articles in the media section. A maximum of 8 photos can be uploaded.
9. Availability: Turn on your product as soon as it becomes available. Once your product is out of stock, you must turn it off.
10. Decide on a cost for your things, considering commissions. , in the Price & Quantity section. When you want to give discounts, you may also specify a unique price.

When you click Submit, your product will go live.

Promote Your Services and Products

It’s time to promote your products when you’ve completed your listings. Although Daraz will market your products, you should do so as well!

You can start guest blogging if you have decent writing talents. Guest blogging is also article drafting that uses your product to solve a problem and place it on someone else’s site.

Otherwise, you may start a Facebook page, and cultivate a focused audience of people.

Direct people who are desperate to buy your products to your product page, and your business will expand.

How To Become a Seller On Daraz Pk

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Points to Remember


Daraz will retain your payment for 15 days after you sell your products (fully delivered). However, if you have no fines, after getting their profit, they will issue your monies.

The majority of vendors choose to ship their items via Daraz Mall, however, you have the option of choosing your shipping method.

Your product and plan will determine how successful you are on Daraz. If you’re a manufacturer, your success is determined by your product.

If you run a retail store, you should first discover which categories or products are popular on Daraz, so that your listing of the products will be according to the demands Queries and Answers

These are some of the frequently inquired things about which you might be curious:

                    The way to remove My Daraz Account?

If something goes wrong with your business or you are done with it and wish to remove it, manual alternatives are no longer accessible.

You must contact the “Help Center” and request that your account be deleted.

                   What Is The Daraz Voucher Code?

Vouchers, often known as coupon codes, are discount codes that retailers use to promote their products and improve sales.

On a specific purchase, you will receive a specified discount, after you have obtained that Voucher.

If you have a store on Daraz and want to put a Voucher Code, Follow the procedures below

1. Go to your account and log in.

2. Go to Promotions and select it.

3. Select Seller Voucher from the drop-down menu.

Fill in the blanks with information about your voucher.

               What is the best way to check my Daraz commission?

From your Daraz Seller Account, go to Daraz University to see how much commission will be charged for your product. Scroll down to “Marketplace Commission Structure,” where you’ll find a comprehensive list of commission percentages on charges.


There are numerous advantages to becoming a Daraz seller, so sign up today and download the Seller App!




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